About Us


Hey Fam,

Welcome to Unity Imperial! We are excited to bring you a brand that you can rock with pride and passion. Our mission is to promote UNITY within our COMMUNITY to uplift and support each other. After all, the future begins with us & "How we gonna win if we ain't right within?" Let's all make it a goal, here on out, to unify by any means necessary. It's far overdue! 

Allow us to introduce ourselves (in Jay Z's voice):
Hey Kings & Queens, my name is Justine. I'm originally from New Jersey born and raised (yes I'm still a Jersey girl at heart) but moved to West Virginia where I met my business partner Brittany. Charlotte NC has been my home since 2014 and the "Queen City" has won me over! In 2017, there was a weight on my heart. For a long time, you couldn't turn the news on without seeing black men, women, and children being killed. We'd have conversations in the community, meetings, phone conferences, and it seemed like nothing changed. My vision now is to use Unity Imperial to create a tightly knit bond for my people. The fist stands for our power and strength holding onto our African roots which is in the center of UNITY to make it whole. Hope you feel it and welcome to the family!

Welcome to Unity Imperial, my name is Brittany! Unity isn't just something we talk about; it's something we practice every single day. It's about connecting people together, promoting togetherness within our community, and showing the world what it looks like when black dollars matter. That's why we're here: to spread positivity and promote the togetherness within our community. We believe that if we all come together around our common interests, we can make a real impact on the world around us. One way we do this is through our "Black Dollars Matter" motto—we've got big plans for how we're going to get people talking about what matters most, and how they can get involved!