Stop Stunting Your Growth and Start Job Hopping!

Attention "9-5er", Job Hopping COULD Be Good For You...

 👉🏽 What is Job Hopping and why do people do it?

Now personally, I think it's a great idea to job hop around but only if you are doing it for the right reasons and not doing it because you are a terrible employee or unreliable. I want to be clear, I am not advocating to make this a long term thing because that may be career suicide or you are just planning to get what you need from that job so you can start your own business. However, if and when it is done correctly it can be a career saver or business owner setup. As you may know when working for different companies you will be able to gain different skills such as:

  • Build long lasting relationships with your peers that may help you down the line       when applying for other roles whether that is within the same company or not.
  • Add knowledge with different business models and upgrade your skill set.
  • Build up your resume with certain tasks you've done to help the company. By           doing that it will accelerate your earnings in the workplace.
  • Get the experience of owning or running your own business.
  • Lead to a higher paid job to save and add it to your business account.
  • Be eligible for a business loan.

    👉🏿 Is Job Hopping Bad?

    According to Forbes, employees who stay in companies longer than 2 years get paid 50% less. The worst kept secret is that employees are making less on average every year. Now why is that?? So let's try to break this down a little more. The average raise according to USA Today an employee can expect is 3%. Let's say if you suck at your job you can maybe expect at least a 1.3% raise. For the best performers we can expect or better yet hope for a 4.5% (you see how I said we right?!?). If we look at the inflation rate it is currently at 2.1% calculated based on the Consumer Price Index published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. What that means if you get a raise it will actually be less than 1%.

    So by saying all of this why would you at a company that doesn’t plan on paying you what you deserve better yet create your own opportunities. We once had large communities where we were able to support one another by building up businesses that were black owned. Did you know in Tulsa, Oklahoma we had over 600 black owned businesses. So let's break it down a little more and tell you what we had.

  • 30 Grocery Stores
  • 21 Restaurants
  • 6 Private Airplanes
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Post Office
  • Libraries
  • Law Offices

    👉🏿 Advantages and Disadvantages of Job Hopping

    There are so many benefits to job hunting if even the thought of it sounds dangerous. But just think about it. Being black in America is dangerous so let's try something that will build us up as a people. Job hopping will provide great experiences such as networking with individuals that may get you or I thinking outside of the box, leveling up in our goals, executing, and even leading our own business so there would be no need to job hunt or working a 9 to 5 would be a thing of YOUR past. According to Pay Scale there are four main reasons why you should consider job hopping around.

  • You Earn More:
  • Changing jobs could certainly be one path to a higher salary, particularly if               that’s what you set your sights on during the job search process. 
  • You’ll Expand Your Network:
  • The more people you meet, work with, and get to know, the bigger potential professional network you’re working with. So, when you change jobs once in a while, your number of contacts expands, which allows for more and greater opportunities for the future. It could even lead to yet another job change. Employees hired via referral are often hired much faster than ones who come to a job through some other avenue.
  • You Will Have New Skills:
  • It’s important to keep learning and growing in today’s economy in order to stay         competitive. This is especially true in some fields.
  • More Excitement?!?!
  • It helps to love what you do. Changing jobs and feeling more excited about your work is a good thing in its own right. But, it also stands to reason that if you are feeling more passionate, more enthusiastic, your productivity and growth will accelerate, too. And, this could lead to promotions and other advancements that could keep this cycle of excitement and performance going.

    👉🏿 Do Employers Care About Job Hopping?

    This all depends on how you present your “Job Hopping Around” and what career field that you are in. Now, if you are in the tech world then the answer is very simple, NO. The tech field enjoys when you have been with different companies because that means that you have acquired a lot of skills and knowledge to share with them. They understand the benefits of job hopping around probably more than any other career field out there. But let's just say you are not in that field and let’s say you are in communications. It’s all about how you present yourself and what you say in your resume.

    👉🏿 How to Explain Job Hopping ( How to Answer Job hopping questions)

    Interviewer will notice right away the amount of time you have spent at a job and the number of companies you have worked with. There are some key factors to remember when doing in an interview:

  • Focus on how well you adapt to a new environment
  • You thrive when challenged with a new task
  • You enjoy fulfilling work

    Now, remember to use your experiences to elevate your worth and your skills. Today's world is changing more and the current position that you may held may not be an active position in the future.

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    • I never really thought about this in a good way but reading your blog def has some very good points to it. Ever experience can add to your skills and bring you opportunities you may have not thought about. Nice post!!


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