Black Excellence x THREE? WE LOVE IT.

We are coming back to you with another newsletter. This month is a special one because we are focusing on black excellence. I had the privilege and honor of meeting the CEO of a company (did I mention black-owned?) that is making ground-breaking movements for the world.

Dr. Louis Jefferson is the CEO and Founder of D10 Therapeutics, a biotech start-up paving the way to the future! Dr. Jefferson and his team created a monoclonal antibody to treat Sickle Cell Disease. They target the disease with hopes of it ridding the body.

When I first met Dr. Jefferson, I was intrigued by his drive and demeanor, which led to me asking the infamous question, “what do you do?” I could sense the greatness and determination emanating from him when he told me his mission and dream of curing this awful disease. We shared stories of how this disease has affected our lives. We both have suffered at the hands of Sickle Cell, taking our loved ones from us, but with the help of his team, they are sure to put a stop to it. Meet the rest of his team! (Dr. Louis Jefferson, Dr. Metasebya Solomon, and Brent Watson)

Find out more about their black excellence HERE!!

Dr. Louis Jefferson

Dr. Metasebya Solomon

Brent Watson

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